Power Players: Pennsylvania's top political donors, 2011-2012

Ten wealthy Pennsylvanians, including a husband supporting his wife for political office and a gay man seeking equality, contributed nearly $9 million to their favorite candidates. PublicSource, working with the Investigative News Network, identified the 10 biggest campaign contributors in the state using state and federal campaign data.


Even in politics, the sun will come out tomorrow. It just hasn't happened yet for these donors. To receive this badge, 90 cents of every dollar donated went to candidates who lost or propositions that didn't go the donor's way. Oppose a ballot measure that wins? We call that a loss. Some donations do not directly go to a contest that can be won or lost, such as giving to state political parties. This badge doesn't care. Ninety cents of every dollar donated must go to losers or you don't get the Underdog badge.

Sources: Center for Responsive Politics, National Institute on Money in State Politics, Federal Elections Commission and Pennsylvania Department of State.

Credits:PublicSource would like to thank The Center for Investigative Reporting for the use of their political contributions app, Rainmaker. The Investigative News Network coordinated the work between the many organizations sharing information for this project. Reporters Halle Stockton, Emily DeMarco and Reid Fraizer also contributed to this project.